Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stronger Be...

I compare love to the summer rain,
It’s gentle beating, its sweet refrain.
The droplets falling upon my skin,
As a lovers touch deep within.

I compare it to thunder and lightning
So loud, So strong, sometimes frightening.
Tremble not nor be afraid,
I shall be there your fears dissuade.

I compare it to a meadow brook,
At times so easy to overlook.
Yet its there, softly bubbling,
To creek, to river, to ocean rumbling.

I compare it to the cry of a child,
So innocent, untamed and wild.
Learning always, each new day.
Increasing in strength in every way.

I compare it to the sweetest rose
Whose fragrance brings joy ‘ere it goes.
It blooms, it withers, it falls apart,
Yet it blooms again, with a stronger heart.

To all the rhythms of the earth,
The pain, the sorrow, the joy, the mirth.
To all these things, My Love For Thee,
In hope to prove and stronger be.

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